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“It’s Not Just a Pretzel. It’s Auntie Anne’s®

Why Auntie Anne’s®?

Product, purpose, and people are what set Auntie Anne’s® Pretzels apart from other franchise concepts. We equip aspiring business owners with the same know-how that turned a small farmer’s market stand into the world’s largest soft pretzel chain. Our strength and success as a franchise system have been proven since 1988.

Our Product

The statement holds true, “It’s not a pretzel, it’s an Auntie Anne’s®.” Unique in flavor and texture, Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels stand above the rest. The quality of our soft pretzel dough, its hand-rolled, freshly-baked nature, along with the warm responsiveness of our crew members makes a visit to Auntie Anne’s® as comforting as the food. We pride ourselves on knowing and promoting best-in-class quick service experiences.

Our People

People are truly the secret ingredient to Auntie Anne’s® success. Behind the scenes, our Franchise Business Consultants and Corporate Support Teams work in tandem to boost franchise business operations through real estate, crew member training, register support, marketing, advertising, legal, operations, menu innovation, accounting, and more.

Our Purpose

Auntie Anne’s® was founded on the motivation to help others. Our purpose is unchanged – we aspire to help others. That is why we do what we do; that is why we exist. From the first shovel that goes into the ground to build a new location to the clever quip that’s printed on our packaging to the relationships we build with our landlords, our franchisees, and our guests, we exist to help others.

Our Pretzel Franchise History

Timeline Below

Auntie Anne’s® got its start in 1988 when Anne Belier bought a stand in a Pennsylvania farmer’s market. After some experimentation, “Auntie” Anne created a hand-rolled soft pretzel recipe that customers quickly dubbed “better than the best you’ve ever tasted.” The popularity of Auntie Anne’s® pretzels grew first by word of mouth, and then through franchised store locations. Around the world, guests savor Auntie Anne’s® fresh, hot, golden-brown soft pretzels in malls, airports and travel centers, colleges and universities, Walmarts®, military bases, and entertainment centers.

“Auntie” Anne and Jonas Beiler bought a stand in a Downingtown, Pa., farmer’s market and began selling the same Original Pretzel and lemonade that everyone knows and loves today.

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Franchise First Location
Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Franchise First Location

The start to our franchising really began when the first store opened at Saturday’s Market in Middletown, Pa.

first store opened at Saturday’s Market in Middletown, Pa. in History-1989

We celebrated the 100th Auntie Anne’s® store opening in Granite Run Mall, Media, Pa.

Auntie Anne Beiler at 100th Store Opening

Auntie Anne’s® first travel location opened at Penn Station in New York City. The round-the-world tour that continues today began with the opening of a store in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Auntie Anne’s® first travel location opened at Penn Station in New York City. in 1995

“Auntie” Anne and Jonas Beiler, the company founders, sold Auntie Anne’s® to fully devote themselves to their original vision of opening a family-counseling center.

Auntie” Anne and Jonas Beiler, the company founders, sold Auntie Anne’s in 2005

Celebrated our worldwide grand opening at the 1,000th store in Fresno, Ca.

Celebrated our worldwide grand opening at the 1,000th store in Fresno, Ca.in 2009

Auntie Anne’s® joined the FOCUS Brands portfolio.

FOCUS Brands All Brands

Twenty-five years later and still growing, we rolled into food trucks and amusement parks.


The first store redesign in company history was revealed. Warmer tones, prominent brand messaging, and enhanced equipment are part of the new image.

Auntie Anne’s® introduces the “My Pretzel Perks” mobile loyalty app.

The first store redesign in company history was revealed.

Continues growth into nontraditional venues including airports, travel plazas, convention centers, universities, and super-centers.

Accelerates menu innovation with new product launches and tests – makes Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets a permanent menu item.

Pretzel Franchise Awards & Honors

Recognition from our franchisees, our partners, and others in our industry both humble and inspire us. And, while we are pleased with the results of our work, we are also dedicated to continuous improvement in every area of business. Pleased, but not satisfied – we work each day with our franchisees, our partners and peers, our guests, and our industry to reflect and seize upon the opportunities we have to excel.

Here are some of the accolades we have earned to-date.


At the end of the day, our franchisees are truly the best barometer of our performance as a franchisor. It’s not just our promise or our purpose, but our performance that they need. We’re proud to be among a select group of franchise systems that hold the honor of being above 90 percent in our Franchise Report year after year.

Whether you’re an experienced business person or a first-time franchisee, Auntie Anne’s® corporate staff offers a lot of support to help you grow your business.
Bret Stewart, Multi-Unit Operator, Northwest Region
In my opinion the beauty of being part of a franchise system is that you’re able to utilize operations that have been tried and tested.
Lisa Fullerton, Multi-Unit Operator, West Region
Auntie Anne’s® is not the typical franchise system. We’re involved in other franchise concepts, and the relationship with Auntie Anne’s® is much more of a collaborative one.
Scott Rubin, Multi-Unit Operator, Mid-West & West Regions
As a franchisee, you decide how far you want to go. You’re in control, and noone can merge you out of that job.
Ernie Boyce, Multi-Unit Operator, Mid-West Region

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