Auntie Anne's Atlanta Food Truck

Auntie Anne’s® is dedicated to giving fans what they really want – more pretzels in more places. The golden brown perfection that are Auntie Anne’s® pretzels are no longer limited to the mall or airport. That translates to more opportunities for franchise owners. The venue variety provides franchise owners with the flexibility to grow their business in new locations and with new revenue streams. Auntie Anne’s® expansion plan includes growing the food truck fleet and opening more stand-alone and street side locations.

Ease of pretzel access is a major plus for consumers, but it provides an even bigger benefit for franchise owners. In a recent QSR article, Auntie Anne’s® president, Heather Neary, discusses the benefits: “There’s a lot less investment up front in a good truck versus building out a traditional brick and mortar space. Then when you’re going to a food truck event you’re able to only open when you’re actually busy.” This business model may be less daunting for first-time franchise owners. It is also appealing to existing franchise owners looking to expand due to the lower initial investment compared to traditional locations. Food trucks allow franchise owners to determine their own schedules and better limit operating expenses.

More of a traditionalist? Auntie Anne’s® has that covered, too. Stand-alone and street side stores allow franchise owners to expand the brand in new spaces. Additionally, catering and delivery options add additional revenue streams for traditional franchise owners. Both options are growing as more customers want Auntie Anne’s® pretzel perfection at their weddings, business meetings, and more.

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