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Franchise Process

Since 1988, we have been making it easy to join our family. Our corporate support team will guide you through the process from initial interest to your first sale, and that’s just the beginning. We’ll continue to provide consulting and support to you on a regular basis. That’s what families do, right?



Complete the application and review the FDD.



Review financials and financing options.



Hold site visits and real estate discussions.



Finalize leasing details, and begin construction!



Coordinate grand opening event, employee training, and location outreach.

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Franchise Investment

We can provide the following range of initial investments to open a franchise:

Initial Franchise Fee
Total Investment

*Please note that there is a 10% discount offered on the franchise fee for franchisees who open additional locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from potential franchisees. You’re likely to find that a question you have is answered below. If you still have any unanswered questions after reading this FAQ, please feel free to contact us.

The current royalty fee is 7 percent. This fee payment includes the rights to use the Auntie Anne’s®LLC trademarks, trade secret recipes and processes, and contributes to the overall support system (which includes training, field support, purchasing, construction, new product development, and quality control, among other services). There is also an advertising/marketing and development fund fee of 1 percent that supports all marketing programs.
The amount of money individual locations can expect to make will vary depending upon a multitude of factors, including the locations and demographics, operating costs, sales, and the overall ability of the franchise partner to operate and manage their franchise location(s).
Initial investment range is $196,475 to $380,100. Please visit the Investment page for a complete breakdown of costs associated with this range. Auntie Anne’s® requires that prospective candidates have the ability to secure funds sufficient to meet the amounts required for the particular store.
Upon completion of your personal interview, Auntie Anne’s® will make a decision within two weeks regarding your approval status.
Auntie Anne’s® franchise partners are required to have their own financing in place to build and operate their stores. However, we can provide a list of lenders who have expressed interest in lending to franchise partners. Additionally, the SBA (Small Business Administration) has approved Auntie Anne’s® to be listed on the Franchise Registry. This listing facilitates expedited loan processes for prospective franchisees obtaining SBA financing. No endorsement of any lenders by Auntie Anne’s® is expressed or implied.
Franchisees are awarded franchise rights for specific store locations only.
Yes. To obtain a list of stores available for purchase, please send an e-mail with the subject line as “LIST” to You will receive an automated reply with the current list of stores for purchase. You can also view a listing of stores on this site.
Prior to discussing potential locations with applicants interested in opportunities with Auntie Anne’s®, applicants must go through our application approval process. Upon approval as a potential Auntie Anne’s® franchisee, our Real Estate and Site Development Department can then begin to investigate possible locations.
Please visit the Opportunities section of this Web site for information on current market availability.
Check out the Store Locator at for a list of Auntie Anne’s® locations worldwide.
Yes. Upon completion and acceptance of the application, a copy of Auntie Anne’s® current Franchise Disclosure Document (formerly known as Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) will be provided to you during your initial interview.
Yes. Franchisees are awarded additional locations based on their ability to operate their existing stores and their financial ability to support additional locations.

Auntie Anne’s® will provide initial training for a minimum of three individuals. This training is conducted at Auntie Anne’s®Corporate Headquarters in Lancaster, Pa., prior to the new store opening. The training includes:

  • Five days of “Pretzel Perfect® Operations” training
  • Five days of Management Training including:
    • “Pretzel Perfect® Leadership”
    • “Franchisee Training”

To help you succeed, up to six days of on-site training is also provided during the store opening.

Training is provided free of charge to the prospective franchisee. However, the prospective franchisee is responsible for all expenses incurred while attending training, including travel costs, lodging, and their employee’s salaries.
Yes. Auntie Anne’s® franchisees must make certain purchases directly from Auntie Anne’s® of certain equipment, small wares, signage, and fixtures. Proprietary products such as pretzel mix and lemonade must be purchased from approved suppliers. A list of approved suppliers and contact information for these suppliers is given to every franchise partner.
Yes. Each store is required to use an electronic cash register system and software so that detailed records of sales and other financial aspects of the business can be monitored and recorded.
Franchisees must sell only approved products in their stores. However, our Food Science and Technology Department works to develop new products and collaborates with our franchisees and internal departments in the development of new products. Franchisees are always welcome to submit ideas for new menu items, but these items may not be sold in stores until they are approved by Auntie Anne’s® LLC.

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